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Sounding my barbaric AWP

I’m a bad blogger. For those folks who won the contest (Ainsley, who chose Black Clock; Angela, who chose a Narrative VIP backstage pass; and Dawn, who chose a subscription to the very wonderful Missouri Review), you should hopefully all have received your first and perhaps even second issues by now and are enjoying the […]

The final chapter of the quest for the Master’s Degree

I was already late for my thesis defense when I got to the building, out of breath from the run across campus from the overfull parking garage. I caught the elevator but it went down to the basement and then, after I said “You’ve got to be fucking KIDDING ME!” under my breath but totally […]

Call me Nimdok

I just started another semester, with the dreaded literature class, the ones I now have to take because it’s all I have left before I finish the Masters and continue on to demanding to be called Doctor Wimmer (or Doctor Pretty Pretty Princess would also be acceptable). It’s not that I dread literature classes, really. […]

It’s gotta be the shoes

Grades are in for the semester and I invite you to bask in the beauty of my new ‘Still A 4.0 GPA and Only One Year Until I Get My Masters’ shoes. Yes, I have nothing to wear them with and nowhere to go once I do, but damn, you have to admit that these […]

What matters

You know something? One of my most secret truths is this: I am a bit egotistical with my writing. I’ll never be the prettiest, the smartest, the strongest, the thinnest, or the most clever, but damn it, I can write. In fact, I always secretly suspect that I’m one of the best writers out there. […]

The beating of a raptor’s wings

I had to drive out to the University to have them put in paperwork to send my transcripts to various writing programs. Apparently, one of the program’s deadlines is this Friday, which completely sneaked up on me, despite my very organized method of applying to these schools and a separate page for each in my […]

Class guilt

I’ve been jonesing for the Barnes and Noble to open its latest store nary half a mile from my office. I’ve been envisioning lovely lunches spent reading expensive photography books while drinking warm Blackberry & Sage tea or writing in my red velvet schmancy journal which I never write in. I’m agog with delight over […]

People magazine and the National Enquirer are NOT a good summer reading list

Big Brother 2 has me completely in its thrall. God help me, I actually find Will charming, despite his evil tendencies. In the beginning, I thought Hardy was a doll, but now I’m finding myself rooting for Kent, as he truly seems more genuine. Hardy is just fooling himself. Hardy has convinced himself that he’s […]