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Tag Archives: “Where She Went”

Not Writing time

I have a funny little OCD problem: I can’t concentrate if resources are being wasted. For instance, if the light is left on in the bathroom, I’m incensed. I will think of nothing else until I can turn it off. Similarly, the dishwasher can drive me to distraction. We live in an old house, the […]

What I did on my summer vacation

  This summer, I have been awash in the fiction world. At least, as awash as I ever get, which is probably a bit more like a Wet Nap dabbed lightly over my brow. In June, I attended Writer Camp in Indiana once more. Last year’s was so magical that I couldn’t resist applying, especially […]

Blahety Blah Blah Fishcakes

I had class last night and was able to shake my apathy, although it’s hard when I’m essentially in an Intro To Fiction class with people who’ve never taken a writing workshop before, but I’m taking it for graduate credit. We talked about theme last night, something I loathe to discuss. The concept of theme, […]