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Category Archives: Short Fiction

What I did on my summer vacation

  This summer, I have been awash in the fiction world. At least, as awash as I ever get, which is probably a bit more like a Wet Nap dabbed lightly over my brow. In June, I attended Writer Camp in Indiana once more. Last year’s was so magical that I couldn’t resist applying, especially […]

Fragile. A major award.

My short story “Passeridae“? It was nominated for the Pushcart Prize 2012. You should know that I got the e-mail notification from Blackbird while sitting in a Whole Foods in SoMa and immediately started crying. Mostly what I hope were little pretty tears, but I am almost certain there was at least one hiccup in […]

Words about words

Last week, the issue #12 of the wonderful Drunken Boat dropped. It includes a story of mine. You should go read it! It’s free! Another thing that happened last week: I’ve been toying with the idea of taking a PhD level writing workshop with George Makana Clark in Milwaukee. Toying, as in, I was all […]

The Thrill of Having Written and the agony of Writing

My biggest problem with writing seems to be the fear that the act of writing itself will somehow not be as good as whatever supposed brilliance is floating around my noggin. That is, of course, stupid, because how would I know? And yet, half the problem with This Thing I’m Writing is just the simple […]

The final chapter of the quest for the Master’s Degree

I was already late for my thesis defense when I got to the building, out of breath from the run across campus from the overfull parking garage. I caught the elevator but it went down to the basement and then, after I said “You’ve got to be fucking KIDDING ME!” under my breath but totally […]

the camel’s back

Over the weekend, I worked on my master’s project and am happy to report that I have now finished 55 pages out of 70 minimum required for the project. The problem is, despite evidence to the contrary on this here rambling diary, my fiction is actually pretty economical with the language. Usually, that’s preferred, but […]

a circle instead of a stick

My current class is another lit class, only this one is about women writers. I wasn’t entirely stoked about having a women writers class, but then I looked at it like this: like it or not, I am a woman writer. I’m not being bitchy or anything, but on some level, I object to the […]

What really happens at writing retreats

My Vegas writing retreat was, well, Vegas. I got about halfway through the story I’m working on, which is awesome, and I would have probably finished it if, er, we hadn’t been in Vegas and only a few very long Vegas blocks from the single hottest dance club in all the land, complete with male […]

That thing you do

The good news: I finished that paper and also, did pretty well during the presentation. We had ten minutes to present, which meant that the early people took upwards of 45 minutes (I am not making that up) for their own presentations, and then when I got up there, only half of the class had […]

Credit where credit is due

I will be attending the school in Milwaukee to get my MA, because I only need 9 credits, and then moving toward a PhD. Because for whatever reason, I’ve always felt as though this is my school. If I can’t go to Iowa (and let’s face it,there’s 800 people every year who don’t get to […]