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Credit where credit is due

I will be attending the school in Milwaukee to get my MA, because I only need 9 credits, and then moving toward a PhD. Because for whatever reason, I’ve always felt as though this is my school. If I can’t go to Iowa (and let’s face it,there’s 800 people every year who don’t get to go and only 24 who do), then this is where I need to be. Despite all that crap with Dr. Frank. I have registered for 9 credits,but I’ll be dropping at least one, if not two,or changing to a completely different class all together. Plus, I don’t think I can afford the tuition for 6 credits, and if I’m going to take 6, I might as well take 9 because the tuition is the same after you hit full time status (6 credits). I always played that trick as an undergrad, taking at least one or two classes for free each semester, but it’s going to be different now that I have to factor in an extra three hours of commuting time. This is where the ‘Quit My Job’ fantasy kicks into high gear, by the way.

My story was very well-received in class. There were a few oddball suggestions,but this whole thing of writing a story and then having a bunch of critiques on it a week later was very unnerving and also rewarding. They made some great suggestions and I feel much better about the story as a whole now (as I had predicted, I did decide that it sucked after I went to class and handed it in) and will be making some revisions and then adding it to my pile of stories to be submitted. I think I was iffy about it because some of the story was taken from the words on this page and for whatever reason, I don’t tend to think of this site as ‘real writing’ mostly because I just open up a Word document and sort of type everything out in a big glurt until I get tired of typing and then post it onto the internet like furtive public masturbation, whereas when I’m ‘really’ writing, there are rose petals and champagne and perhaps a pair of handcuffs and a ball gag. And maybe farm animals. Depends if I’ve been reading Pahliniuk recently. If it’s Atwood or Hempel, there’ll be a strap on.

Editor’s Note:Do not be fooled by the fart jokes. Wendy Wimmer Dot Com is intended for mature audiences. Viewer Discretion is advised. Kids, stay in school and don’t do drugs. Not even NyQuil. And especially not you’ve got the ACT the next day and you’re too wired to go to sleep so you drink a big green glug right out of the bottle. Because that math section is going to be hating on you. I’m just saying.

Oh,and I got an A in my class. Man,sometimes I SO want to take my Four Point Oh post-graduate GPA and smush it into the face of one Mrs. Mangoe. Yes, I know. Grudges are bad. But sometimes. Sometimes I just enjoy entertaining the notion. Yes I do.