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Why writers are parasites: A writer’s debt to the literary community

Once upon a time (actually, two times) I was the person who read your submission to a lit journal and decided yes, it was worth the fiction editor’s time or no, it started with an alarm clock going off so please no no no. I actually really liked reading the slush piles. It was a […]

The final chapter of the quest for the Master’s Degree

I was already late for my thesis defense when I got to the building, out of breath from the run across campus from the overfull parking garage. I caught the elevator but it went down to the basement and then, after I said “You’ve got to be fucking KIDDING ME!” under my breath but totally […]

Emily Dickenson is a bad mutha–shut yo mouth!

On Friday, I got home late and proceeded to work on my grad school manuscript. I’m doubling the applications this year. Last year, I applied to U of Minnesota, U of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, U of Indiana, and the big granddaddy of them all, U of Iowa. This year, I’m doing those again and adding […]