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Emily Dickenson is a bad mutha–shut yo mouth!

On Friday, I got home late and proceeded to work on my grad school manuscript. I’m doubling the applications this year. Last year, I applied to U of Minnesota, U of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, U of Indiana, and the big granddaddy of them all, U of Iowa. This year, I’m doing those again and adding U of Wisconsin Madison, U of Michigan, NYU, San Francisco State University and possibly University of San Francisco and Bennington (which are both very expensive but have their perks. For instance, even though Bennington is long distance, how cool would it be to work under Amy Hempel and E. L. Doctorow? Seriously!? How cool!?).

Then I went home and collapsed and proceeded to sleep lovely, relaxed weekend sleep until 10 am Saturday morning. After showering, I woke Esteban and asked him what he wanted to do for the day. He lifted one eyebrow at me and said ‘You ask that as though you already know what you’re going to do and want to see if my plans work with that.’ He knows me too well, for I did have a plan. A Jam Plan. I am horribly low on my lovely chopped cherry jam and wanted to store up for the winter, when treacherous roads make the 120 mile curvy twisty windy peninsula drive less than ideal. Thus, Esteban ditched his plan to go into the lab and tech edit his articles and hopped onboard the Jam Plan. And well, who wouldn’t.

Because I defy you to resist a good Jam Plan.