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The Artistes much suffering domestic partner

I’ve just spent five minutes yelling at my husband. It didn’t really start out that way. Of course, it never is supposed to end up that way. On my drive home from school, through rain that is supposed to turn into sleet which will then turn into forty two inches of snow, I thought about […]

What matters

You know something? One of my most secret truths is this: I am a bit egotistical with my writing. I’ll never be the prettiest, the smartest, the strongest, the thinnest, or the most clever, but damn it, I can write. In fact, I always secretly suspect that I’m one of the best writers out there. […]

People magazine and the National Enquirer are NOT a good summer reading list

Big Brother 2 has me completely in its thrall. God help me, I actually find Will charming, despite his evil tendencies. In the beginning, I thought Hardy was a doll, but now I’m finding myself rooting for Kent, as he truly seems more genuine. Hardy is just fooling himself. Hardy has convinced himself that he’s […]

And for an encore, I imitate Danny Bonaduce

I am currently in the throws of writer’s block. Which is ironic, because prior to this diary, I hadn’t written anything especially weighty in, oh, three or four years. Sometimes I think I should be working in a delicious 300-year-old English cottage somewhere, with lichens growing on the slate roof. Even though most English cottages […]