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Business time

  Some things: The short story I mentioned in the previous blog post was “Ghosting” and it’s up on the publications page for its appearance in Non-Binary Review. My flash story “Feogin” placed in the Syntax and Salt autumn flash fiction contest. It will be published on 10/30 and I’ll update the link when that […]

What I did on my summer vacation

  This summer, I have been awash in the fiction world. At least, as awash as I ever get, which is probably a bit more like a Wet Nap dabbed lightly over my brow. In June, I attended Writer Camp in Indiana once more. Last year’s was so magical that I couldn’t resist applying, especially […]

Sounding my barbaric AWP

I’m a bad blogger. For those folks who won the contest (Ainsley, who chose Black Clock; Angela, who chose a Narrative VIP backstage pass; and Dawn, who chose a subscription to the very wonderful Missouri Review), you should hopefully all have received your first and perhaps even second issues by now and are enjoying the […]

How to subscribe to your favorite lit journal for absolutely free

Well, that was eye-opening! It seems that my question of why writers don’t subscribe to the literary journals they hope will publish their stories is actually not so simple. There’s really two issues: why aren’t writers READING the journals and why aren’t people subscribing to them. Let’s break down both sides of that coin. Marne […]

Why writers are parasites: A writer’s debt to the literary community

Once upon a time (actually, two times) I was the person who read your submission to a lit journal and decided yes, it was worth the fiction editor’s time or no, it started with an alarm clock going off so please no no no. I actually really liked reading the slush piles. It was a […]

The Best American Short Stories exposed!

  This is Part One of a series analyzing the Best American Short Stories anthologies from 2005-2010.  For part two, read “The top five best BASS markets for women writers (and five not-so-great)” I’m one of those creepy writers who are less right brained and more perfectly balanced brained. It’s possible that I have a […]

Writers are weird

School started last month and this semester I am taking a writing workshop. I just couldn’t handle the idea of taking another lit class (I only need one more lit requirement and then I have completed the credit requirements for my Masters) after the disaster of last semester’s Scifi class and also, my creative thesis […]

Bio Logical

The hotel rooms in New York are crazy! To stay in a hotel of the class I’m accustomed during my solo travels, it’s something like a gazillion dollars a night. And half of me wants to just pony up a couple of grand and hide in the Waldorf Towers all weekend and the other half […]

Start spreading the news

For some reason, I never really feel right unless I have a trip on the horizon. I think it’s a sickness. Or perhaps, a delightful personality quirk. Let’s go with that. About a month ago, I was invited to read a short story at a lit journal issue launch party in DC. The invitation came […]

It’s gotta be the shoes

Grades are in for the semester and I invite you to bask in the beauty of my new ‘Still A 4.0 GPA and Only One Year Until I Get My Masters’ shoes. Yes, I have nothing to wear them with and nowhere to go once I do, but damn, you have to admit that these […]