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The beating of a raptor’s wings

I had to drive out to the University to have them put in paperwork to send my transcripts to various writing programs. Apparently, one of the program’s deadlines is this Friday, which completely sneaked up on me, despite my very organized method of applying to these schools and a separate page for each in my […]

Gerald Locklin “a tyrant for our times”

So since I’m feeling all ‘writerly’ today, I thought I’d share my favorite poem of all time. It’s about poop. This should surprise NO ONE!!!! However, I went looking for the book that had ‘Poop’ in it (The Maverick Poets I believe it’s called… it had a black cover) and now I can’t find it. […]

Fiction versus poetry, simplified

Yesterday, I wrote two poems. Not that I’m a poet, I consider myself a fiction/short story person, but poems seem to come easy. They are kind of like masturbation — Just for yourself when you feel like it, not much thought put into it. Fiction is like sex — short stories being quickies with strangers […]