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Category Archives: Novel Writing

Notes from writer camp III

  I spent my summer vacation with a bunch of really amazing people named Evee the Pokemon and Super Fantastic Bubble Plastic and Scrounge and Lady Lazuli in the Hudson Valley region of New York. We ate a lot of hippy food, drew until our hands hurt and then laughed and read aloud and laughed […]

Not Writing time

I have a funny little OCD problem: I can’t concentrate if resources are being wasted. For instance, if the light is left on in the bathroom, I’m incensed. I will think of nothing else until I can turn it off. Similarly, the dishwasher can drive me to distraction. We live in an old house, the […]

The Thrill of Having Written and the agony of Writing

My biggest problem with writing seems to be the fear that the act of writing itself will somehow not be as good as whatever supposed brilliance is floating around my noggin. That is, of course, stupid, because how would I know? And yet, half the problem with This Thing I’m Writing is just the simple […]

Everlong Everwood

Mo and Ian graciously allowed me to crash in their living room on the California leg of CA/UT trip. I thought I wasn’t planning anything, other than meeting Magnus (who is absolutely gorgeous and I can’t stop looking at his cuteness) and also, a last minute plan to race up to Napa for brunch at […]

The bet you keep

I don’t know if I mentioned this or not, but I’ve started another class for Spring semester. It’s with the same professor and of the twelve other grad students, six were in my last class. It’s sort of surreal because we’re in the exact replica of the room we met in last semester, so with […]

Fiction versus poetry, simplified

Yesterday, I wrote two poems. Not that I’m a poet, I consider myself a fiction/short story person, but poems seem to come easy. They are kind of like masturbation — Just for yourself when you feel like it, not much thought put into it. Fiction is like sex — short stories being quickies with strangers […]