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I hate writing bios, if you can’t tell from these bios that have appeared along with my publications or read by strangers right before I get up to awkwardly read at a podium.

From Barrelhouse

Wendy Wimmer is a full-time cubicle resident, a part-time creative writing graduate student and a most-of-the-time blogger. She would like you to know that she thinks that toast is the most perfect food known to man and the best accessory for it is peanut butter and bananas. She lives in Wisconsin with her husband and can be reached by dog sled, helicopter or by email, but do not try to argue with her about the toast thing, as she refuses to listen to reason.

From Blackbird

Wendy Wimmer’s writing has appeared in Barrelhouse, Drunken Boat, Abundance, and other publications. She holds an MFA from the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee.

From Drunken Boat

Wendy Wimmer has a Master’s in Creative Writing from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee and uses a very tiny part of that degree creating complex Excel spreadsheets for her employer. She lives in Wisconsin with a man, a cat and a pug. She once touched Andre the Giant’s arm. It was amazing.

From an artist statement where I decided to write in first person like a damned rebel:

There is a wedding video of a great aunt taken from mid-way back in the church, and a few pews ahead, just at the bottom of the frame, you can see the back of my head, my fingers occasionally raising in front of my face to take a photo with an imaginary camera. I was eight years old. I think I’m still trying to get those air photos back.

From a reading at Harry Schwartz in Milwaukee:

Every day, Wendy Wimmer plays dress up, putting on business clothes and going into an office where she wrangles marketing concepts and software developers. I will save you the details but suffice to say, there are some numbers, many numbers, and also, when numbers get tedious, there are statistics. She also makes a really excellent mojito. These two points, the number and the mojito, seem to be unrelated and yet….When she’s not pretending to be important at her day job, she freelances on technology magazines and writes essays and product reviews for several Conde Nast projects. Her creative work has been published in Sassy, Barrelhouse, AbundanceSheepshead Review and other lit journals. The story that she’s reading today is called “Passeridae” and was chosen to represent UW-Milwaukee as the short fiction entry in AWP’s Intro to Journals.

From Fictionaut

I am nothing special.


If you’ve attended readings at the KGB Bar in NYC, many bookstore readings in Wisconsin or the now defunct Journalcon, you may have seen me in person. Probably not, though.