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Gerald Locklin “a tyrant for our times”

So since I’m feeling all ‘writerly’ today, I thought I’d share my favorite poem of all time.

It’s about poop.

This should surprise NO ONE!!!!

However, I went looking for the book that had ‘Poop’ in it (The Maverick Poets I believe it’s called… it had a black cover) and now I can’t find it. I believe it to be in Computer Room #1 which is where all my stuff has been…well, stuffed, but I had no luck finding it.

I did however, just purchase an entire book of Gerald Locklin’s poems. It doesn’t have ‘Poop’ in it, though. But here’s a different poem that I like also. Not as much as ‘Poop’, because it doesn’t have any reference to poop. But it’s pretty good.

a tyrant for our times

it’s in his novel ham on rye now

but I remember bukowski telling

a long time ago

how his father used to beat him.

and when he’d turn to his mother for help.

she would intone, ‘the father is always right.’

I liked the way it sounded

And so, even though I don’t beat my kids

I do like to tell them

‘the father is always right.’

They tell me to get fucked.

By Gerald Locklin from the firebird poems

It’s no ‘Poop’ but I like it.