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The fifth and sixth hands

I have this weird Tech Support flirt thing going on with one of my clients. He’s actually an intern, in his early thirties and apparently went back to grad school. He’s based out of San Francisco, going to grad school in Berkeley, but interning in New York, so we talked about The Bird in Berkeley and the differences in society between the coasts.

The first thing he said to me when he found out that I was in Green Bay was ‘Oh, I just read John Irving’s The Fourth Hand which is based there? Have you heard of it?’ And I told him that Irving was my favorite author and then explained my whole theory that the book was a shout-out from John Irving to me and that I’m disappointed that he didn’t call if he was in town. And we could do lunchies.

Yes, I am 32 years old and used the term ‘lunchies’. It was the ‘I carried a Watermelon’ of the conversation.

I like to think its part of my charm.