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Finnochio: A small puppet-like creature from Finland

Jake and I went to Jen Larsen’s literary reading in Berkeley with Monique and Jen Wade (who is one of the most brilliant and hysterical people I think I’ve met and might just possibly be perfect. If there is ass out there to be kicked, I think Jen is the girl to do it. With science, even.) and then had a delightful dinner, followed by a rousing evening of Balderdash at two local Berkeley establishments. Everything was a small badger-like creature named Finnochio pelting us with argos. I think the evening left several of us lightheaded from laughter. I started out leading the pack on the board, but somehow ended up in very last place, left in the flurch quite soundly by the two Jen’s. There were so many hilarious things but the thing that immediately comes to mind: When given the word ‘fipple’, I wrote down ‘a false nipple’, which, when read out loud, produced the reaction ‘Wendy!!’. I still don’t know how they knew it was me.