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I am very sad today.

Karl the fish at 826 Valencia died. I just now found out. Too late to send flowers or bowls of red jell-o and bananas and Cool-Whip.
Karl was Jen Larsen’s boyfriend. I wanted him to be my fishy boyfriend, but did not want to step on the beautiful delicate feet of The Fu. Karl had blue eyes and ruled the other fish in the pirate store. I think I wanted to be Karl.
He died on July 21. Skeeter and I stopped in to 826 Valencia on June 21. I waved at Karl. I did not visit with him in his little fish enclave, for there were children there and I did not want to interrupt them. It was a happy visit. There was much drawer inspection, much oogling at glass eyeballs, much sign reading. Much “aaargghing” at Skeeter, who put up with my “aaarghs” most admirably.
Ah Karl. Ye were a good fish. Bon voyage, matey.
Sad aaargh.