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The one where I should have just played some Solitaire or something

So last night, I was bored. And what do bored people do when they are home alone and have already watched all of their DVDs and they should be working on their grad school applications and researching schools but they really don’t because it just seems like a waste of time and they just found out that they could get into Notre Dame if they only had $25,000 a year tuition and that doesn’t even include books or silly things like food and shelter and really, why are they even considering such things when they already owe the government a German automobile with leather seats that should be racing at 145 kph on the Autobahn and is instead the sole result of some five years spent studying English and Psychology only to end up talking to people over the phone, saying things like ‘Do you see your Start button on your task bar? Right click on that. No. Right click. RIGHT click. With the mouse. Yeah.’?

I’ll tell you what they do. They log onto IRC.

I hopped into a Wisconsin room. Immediately I was private messaged.

HornyNetGeek> Are you wearing a thong?

I was flummoxed. Was I wearing a thong? I didn’t know what to say to that. I mean, what did that have to do with being from Wisconsin? I was not, in fact, wearing a thong. I was actually wearing my Strawberry Shortcake undies, but I didn’t really want to tell him that. It seemed overly personal.

I sighed. And replied.

Wendy> Yes. It’s made of barbed wire.

I closed his little chat window. Then I had The Guilt. I don’t like to be mean, especially unnecessarily and blindly out into the cyber void. But he was so rude. I can’t imagine that he thinks this is the correct way to act. ‘Hey, how low do you hang?’ when meeting a business partner?

The little window popped back up again.

HornyNetGeek> ok pic?

I logged off. Gah. I should have known better. Sometimes I think I’m entirely too naive for the internet.