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Ms. Serious Artiste, etc, etc

Last weekend, I participated in a reading for the creative writing program at my school. I was super nervous, but two double vodka plus red juice in the hotel bar before we left helped a great deal, enough to make me a little silly for the ride over (we all piled into the inlaws’ van and it was totally like being driven to a homecoming dance by your parents) and then still allowed for the coast downward through my nerves once we hit the bookstore.  It was very neat to have a serious posse in the audience as well as some of my classmates from previous fiction workshops. Also, how old am I that I just used the word “posse”? Let’s just move on!

Liam was also in the audience, but thankfully, I didn’t know that he was there until he came up to me after everything was done. I flubbed the paragraph he had asked me to read aloud last semester, so I am certain that his presence would have undermined my ability to be all Ms. Serious Artiste for fifteen consecutive minutes.