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Writing is hard

I have my writing workshop tonight and am plagued by complete and utter apathy. We have a story due tonight. I’m too lazy to finish my car salesman story, even though I’m excited by the premise and love the imagery and have the last three paragraphs written in my head. I think the problem is that I’ve just written a ton of establishing plot line and bored my own self with it. It’s muddy and the narrator has a boring voice and I can’t find the cadence of his speech pattern. And I haven’t even gotten to the good part yet, but I’m certain that my reader will be in a coma before they ever get to the actual plot. Writing is hard. I’m extremely tempted to cheat again and hand in something I’ve already written. Maybe the Baby Story. Because it would be as easy and safe as sinking into a warm down comforter. But then I’d have to think of a name for the thing, other than ‘The Baby Story’.

Writing is hard, thinking up titles is damned impossible.

It occurs to me that I’ve just written more here than I have in a week in my car salesman story. And with that, have a great day, I have to set my sights elsewhere.